Podcast #9 SYW complete a degree, Podcasts

EP#9 So you want to complete a degree at LCCC and beyond

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Get to know Marisa Vernon White, who serves as Associate Provost of Lorain County Community College. On August 7, 2019, Marisa spoke about her goal of creating environments on the LCCC campus that help students overcome economic, personal, and academic barriers as they pursue their dreams. We also discussed services and strategies for traditional and non-traditional students looking to complete a degree and pursue a career that’s right for them. PDF Transcript

This podcast has been moved to the LCCC Career Exploration Podcast site.

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Podcast #8 SYW complete debt free, Podcasts

EP#8 So you want to compete a degree, debt free: Zarai’s Story

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Meet Zarai Aguino, an 18 year old LCCC student who survived a hurricane and is committed to completing her degree, debt free at Lorain County Community College. She and her advisor, Whitney Hougland, discuss the SAIL program designed for Pell grant recipients who have completed 24 credits or less and can carry 12 or more credits more during a regular semester. For more information call Matthew Mercado at mmercado@lorainccc.edu or 440-366-7320.
Podcast #7 So you want a career that's right for you, Podcasts, Uncategorized

EP#7 So you want a career that’s right for you

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This podcast has moved to the LCCC Career Exploration Podcast site.

Are you undecided or open to various career options? Career Specialists, Sarah Hudson and Sarah Hyde-Pinner, speak about internship and career exploration services offered through Career Services of Lorain County Community College. For more information regarding internship, experiential learning, career services or appointments call (440) 366-4076.

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Podcast #6: So you want to become a preschool teacher, Podcasts

EP#6 So you want to be a preschool teacher

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Is becoming a preschool teacher right for you? Megan Stevens talks about her work as a preschool teacher at the Goddard school in Avon Lake, Ohio. Her employer, Eric Baker, also discusses what he looks for when he hires an educator. For more information about becoming a teacher through LCCC call 440-366-4033 for an appointment today.

Podcast #5: So you want a dream job, Podcasts

EP#5 So you want a dream job: Eric’s Story, Part 1

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Eric David plans to go on a road trip. He speaks about his dream job and how he plans to break into the field of broadcasting. We discuss the need for a mentor, internship opportunities, networking and tips on how to approach a prospective employer. Part 1 of a series.